FNN: Donald Trump And Mike Pence Visit Louisiana Amid Flooding – FULL COVERAGE

FNN: Donald Trump And Mike Pence Visit Louisiana Amid Flooding – FULL COVERAGE
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  1. Manuel Orta
    Manuel Orta says:

    This is the real Trump. i bet he is looking at the land and seeing what he
    can do to it him self to make it a great place to live again for that
    family. i bet their would be better sewers system for floods too

  2. SJ Tomson
    SJ Tomson says:

    Obama rides in a golf cart to lazy to walk course. Hillary ironically sent
    an email written by her aide. Trump on the ground, gives out goods he paid
    for. Retarded MSM trying to spin his visit as a bad thing?

  3. Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore says:

    The T-rump has graciously donated stuff. And hey, let’s face it, I heard
    him put together a sentence last week. It was magnificently beautiful. Not
    good, but great. And he’s wearing that snazzy white cap. Every kids role
    model. A winner. You real American patriots are going to need more than an
    18 wheeler full of stuff, He’s blatantly defying the governor (that’ll wave
    a few pitchforks), exploiting the victims and buying votes. And, don’t
    forget that he is a very very very rich man. An 18 wheeler of stuff from
    T-rump is like you and I buying a coffee. The vacuum of his ass sucking has
    pulled all you rabid pitchfork waving witch hunters right up his as where
    you belong.

  4. fisher99100
    fisher99100 says:

    this what a president does not play golf like Obama is doing right now,
    and look at franklin graham Samaritan purse working down there! this is
    good work for these men and all that follow them working with them God
    bless them all and Louisiana peoplegodisjesuschrist.

  5. Willem Lambert
    Willem Lambert says:

    Can I… MAY I salute you MISTER Trump ? BEFORE this gets deleted by fox ?
    YOU are definethly THE MAN for this Job, because the one how owns this job
    now, ISN’T doing it.
    About donating money,…. GREAT HEART you have, congratzzz, BUT….. isn’t
    that the job of a CHARITY FOUNDATION ?

  6. Renee Windsor-White
    Renee Windsor-White says:

    So listen to someone who was actually there and knows that all he did was
    speak, sign autographs, unload a truck full to toys (for about 1 minute)
    and then fly off in his jet. Louisiana’s governor told Obama not to come
    until the relief effort was over. Trump was there for the publicity, folks,
    not to help the people. And wait, aren’t there more than two black folks in
    Baton Rouge?

  7. Mark Winfrey
    Mark Winfrey says:

    It was great he went… I have 3 Teamsters in the are that lost their
    houses … I working with my CEO to get them supplies and food ..

  8. pokies100
    pokies100 says:

    Turns out a wall along the highway trapped the water. Trump said that
    babies are in governance. Babies built a wall that flooded the people.

  9. Isiah Goldston
    Isiah Goldston says:

    Most of you Trump supporters hide behind no photo and a fake name it says a
    lot about you and Trump…Fake

  10. wagzel
    wagzel says:

    The security needs for having a candidate or president takes away from
    needed first responder resources, this is from the LA governor. Trump went
    for a self serving photo op.

  11. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    I’m so proud of you DJ Trump. A real leader. A caring smart non liar who is
    in good health, is who we need as POTUS.

  12. john smith
    john smith says:

    2 more americans just killed by illegals hired by state workers one from
    arkansas and one from louisiana. these state workers were going to hire
    cheap illegal labor till this happened wont be so cheap now will it. these
    guys should be thrown in jail but as usual they will say they did not know
    they were illegal and they will skate.even though none could speak english
    or very little


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