Trump Donates An 18-Wheeler Worth Of Supplies For Louisiana Flood Victims

Trump Donates An 18-Wheeler Worth Of Supplies For Louisiana Flood Victims

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”P-fF-Cxhz_E” title=”Trump Donates An 18-Wheeler Worth Of Supplies For Louisiana Flood Victims” upload_time=”2016-08-19T19:44:14.000Z” description=”” duration=”PT1M12S”]

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  1. Morpayne
    Morpayne says:

    Had the studio known ahead of time what that reporter was going to cover
    wit that truck, they would have told her not to. I doubt she cleared it
    with HQ first.

  2. prince vince
    prince vince says:

    and were isi hillary. oh thats right she is making sure no one see’s her or
    they might ask her a question. thats right hillary you just keep on hiding
    and we the public well take care of things just get your sleep….


    Hahaha, they get a 10 second shot of him unloading shit, in his suit,
    before he fucks off home. Americans are retarded.

  4. Mary Renee
    Mary Renee says:

    All you libatards would fault Trump for not going, you fault Trump for
    going, you are all irrational and have a mental illness, you all are just
    like those criminals of the old west, they rob a bank get shot, and want to
    take revenge because they don’t feel that the sheriff would had shot them
    or they should had gone to prison do they vow revenge, or the family of one
    of them who got shot while commiting a crime, and the family members vow
    revenge, that is irrational, that is a mental illness.

  5. Dee Frost
    Dee Frost says:

    President Obama has continued to do the near impossible, with the August
    jobs report showing that businesses have added 15.1 million jobs since
    early 2010. That makes this the longest streak of total job growth on
    record — 78 months and counting. Seventy-eight months.

  6. Dee Frost
    Dee Frost says:

    some will always find fault as you seem to forget what it was like in the
    Bush years, to be honest , I do not recall what regulations were put on
    business,I just know he pulled many of their asses out of a mess with
    bailing out WallStreet and the auto companies,, I’d have loved to see them
    all go under, but that would have made an already bad situation worse. if
    things are not better where you live, you must not have paid 5.00 a gallon
    for gas, 8.00 for a 3-lb bag of apples, and 4.somehitng for a dozen eggs,so
    on and on, where I am we have not been paying that kind of price for years
    now, I do understand different parts of the country prices can vary a lot.

  7. mskm13th
    mskm13th says:

    You people are too easily led, especially when it comes to the media, you
    look nothing up!
    Come to find out that Trump DID NOT donate an 18 Wheeler w/supplies! What
    he did actually or eventually did was donate money to a local and
    controversial church, when they said they hadn’t received Trump’s donation
    it appeared the next day….


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