Professor Griff- Italy Earthquake, Louisiana Floods, And End Time Events

Professor Griff- Italy Earthquake, Louisiana Floods, And End Time Events
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  1. Monte Cagle
    Monte Cagle says:

    We are living in the Time of the end period
    Jesus Christ is going to return to earth.Yes they are trying to play God.
    Yes the white man did teach us about Jesus, but Jesus is real not religion.

  2. christopher mcneese
    christopher mcneese says:

    Does anybody know what he said or they said about Houston? To be careful.
    Usually H Town is the pre ritual for sacrifice. JFK was at Rice University
    the day before his assassination. And here they just said be careful.

  3. Coke Man (TdotG)
    Coke Man (TdotG) says:

    I’m so happy I been waiting to Die so I can be wit my 29 Brovaz. if the
    world is at a end but it’s not the end of the world it’s da end of USA. for
    sure it is writen… it’s this country time to lay in da bed thing made
    sadly most ppl don’t know what’s going on and still call there self
    believers of God..and don’t or can’t remember when there Bible stated it
    will be MAN MADE THIS TIME.. so that’s why I believe it’s gonna be for sure
    cuz man idc… remember fire,Ice age,Water 40/40nights was instructions I
    remember that in the Bible when I was young because I wasn’t fascinated by
    so ever since then I’ve been waiting to die I don’t know depression and I’m
    not being funny but I am just into death not to say I have had two NDE so
    maybe bcuz I know it’s like dat dream you have when something bad happens
    you wake up.. that’s how it is… we continue.. for sure there is no sin
    there is no judgement like U think it is put it like this you only need 51%
    of positively living such as helping being giving and the other % is what
    gets a Karma reading and that determine what do you get reincarnated or
    have the costly keep doing it over and over again what people don’t know is
    right now as we live in talking about all this watching these videos on
    YouTube that part is already activated

  4. New2day User
    New2day User says:

    deceived to create a world that they couldn’t, create for themselves. the
    aeons deceived us to make everything for the Caucasians to benefit . yeah ,
    the Hu- man ( melanin) created for the caveman to learn and benefit from
    it. The Moors sold us out by teaching them culture. Sellouts. The Indian
    chiefs, the generic chiefs, etc., sold the remnant out. The elect have been
    deceived. the remnant of pure consciousness have traitors within it as
    well. Ur chakras are the ships. Kundalini – The Mother Ship. Watch the
    Galactic show.

  5. New2day User
    New2day User says:

    Lord Shiva is U, I Am destroys the cities of the demons. We are the
    demons(physical body). No more cities. No more demons. The pineal binds the
    demons. The Kundalini destroys them. Study More!

  6. MSG MusicFilmPhotography
    MSG MusicFilmPhotography says:

    ((((((((((When the body has a virus, it heats itself up to fight the
    ((((((((((The planet is a living organism live the body, the planet has a
    ((((((((So it’s heating itself up to fight the virus, to get rid of the
    virus, the sick)))))))

  7. Kenneth Flanagan
    Kenneth Flanagan says:

    “Prophetic events” been happening since the dawn of time. They always
    say…”JESUS IS ON HIS WAY” well, I’d like to see how close he is because
    as of right now, It’s proven there is no SECOND COMING and if so, He’s late
    as fuck!

  8. Fekade Senbeta
    Fekade Senbeta says:

    “Maybe its some Jesus shit”…??
    you should be ashamed of yourself. and look at the facts and the prophecies
    that have been fulfilled. This is definitely coming from the Holy Bible

  9. Nicee Moore
    Nicee Moore says:

    Why cant it be the other way around why can we not depopulate the these
    horrible people.. The reason why they are doing what they are doing is
    because we are letting them live. To all the soldiers who will take out the
    orders of the new world order. Do you think your going to live when you
    done with us. Think again. When they are finished with all of you you are
    the next target. If you are attacking us, you are being used. Your days are
    numbered I forgive you. When i began to fight stay out of my way.


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