The Great Wall Of Louisiana

The Great Wall Of Louisiana
The IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrier also called the Great Wall of Louisiana is a storm surge barrier constructed near the confluence of and across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet near New Orleans. The barrier runs generally north-south from a point just east of Michoud Canal on the north bank of the GIWW and just south of the existing Bayou Bienvenue flood control structure. Navigation gates where the barrier crosses the GIWW and Bayou Bienvenue reduce the risk of storm surge coming from Lake Borgne and/or the Gulf of Mexico. Another navigation gate (Seabrook Floodgate) has been constructed in the Seabrook vicinity where the IHNC meets Lake Pontchartrain to block a storm surge from entering the IHNC from the Lake.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”7xOWEbq6WRM” title=”The Great Wall Of Louisiana” upload_time=”2016-02-02T00:00:46.000Z” description=”The IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrier also called the Great Wall of Louisiana is a storm surge barrier constructed near the confluence of and across the Gulf Intracoastal” duration=”PT42M12S”]

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  1. The Manhattan Project
    The Manhattan Project says:

    ‘Designed to stop 44 million gallons of water.’ Didn’t that flash flood in
    louisiana just drop 7 trillion gallons?!

  2. Jean Colin
    Jean Colin says:

    Once again it’s a failure look happen for the second time disasters Mother
    Nature strikes again can’t fuck with Mother Nature lol..They’re should
    return some of the money disgraceful against human nature what a fucking
    shame bunch of greedy company.

  3. jim glegg
    jim glegg says:

    so many critics, so few brain cells. fortunately, for all of the idiots
    that are sitting on their butts, in an air conditioned environment, typing
    on a computer (electricity, chips, code, internet) there are engineers to
    design and build all this stuff so, your toilet flushes away all of the
    crap you produce so you don’t die in your own excrement. say thank you

  4. john smith
    john smith says:

    What a scuzzy dump and a waste of money! Building a city below sea level
    stupid as the imbreds that live there

  5. Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph says:

    Oh foolish builders of a failing Babylon…
    just give it all back to the egrets and gators and build where man is
    supposed to live….will this give nature another last laugh now?

  6. Phil Osophy
    Phil Osophy says:

    Does this Lake Borgne surge barrier slow the natural ebb and flow of tide
    waters from Lake Pontchartrain? I do not see the precise location on Google
    Maps satellite images. I must be looking in the wrong place.
    That soil in the NOLA area outside of Mississippi River alluvial plain area
    (hard yellow clay and high $ properties) is largely organic on top with
    mucky blue clay below. That organic stuff just rots away and subsides
    continuously. Folks purchase river-sand on trucks to replace the
    subsidence. That’s right… we are built on recovered tide water swamp
    land. Crazy right?
    I’d like to do my sidewalks in that pervious-crete. Jefferson Parish
    screwed up the elevations on post (LOOOONG POST, like 2015) Katrina street
    repairs (corner ADAAG ramps) and made a water trap in front of my home.
    They don’t have any plans on fixing it either. The contractor was the “Low
    Bidder” of course…I don’t think they knew how to pull string lines
    properly and I saw absolutely NO transit levels.
    As of the Great Louisiana Flood of 2016 (and the Hurricane Isaac flooding)
    the NOLA, St. Bernard, and East Bank Jefferson Parishes may actually be
    more flood resistant than the areas outside of our levee (and seriously BIG
    pumped drainage) protection area even though we are in the “Bowl”. That’s
    JUST maybe.

  7. Steven J. Feuerstein votes Trump/Pence 2016
    Steven J. Feuerstein votes Trump/Pence 2016 says:

    Absolutely amazing! Everybody should watch engineering shows like this from
    time to time. It is the perfect remainder on how smart we are, and how we
    have the ability to design and build things that will protect us, and the
    inspiration to continue on. Thank God for these guys & the brilliant minds
    who create them. The homes are so inspirational as well, & the dedication
    and courage it takes to be together! Great video!

  8. Amie Robertson
    Amie Robertson says:


  9. Refuso PissedO
    Refuso PissedO says:

    From now on we’re going to see an employment uptick while armies of
    engineers attempt to hold the Oceans and the Water Table back from where it
    wants to be naturally. NYC has another multi billion dollar bandaid. Good
    luck, you’ll be needing it just to justify the cost. All that money should
    be spent, moving the city. You’re going to have to one day anyway. Long
    term- expensive. Short term and more expensive?

  10. waltham1957
    waltham1957 says:

    So, at 28:38 we find the real reason for all this——-should have guessed
    it, OIL!!!! A half hour of feel good bullshit and lies, like it’s all for
    the people!! To sum it up, if this port was not here then these people
    would be forgotten.

  11. 350toocute
    350toocute says:

    Some people on here are to busy putting down the state and people of
    Louisiana ..While these guys putting in wooden pilings have very little to
    none PPE.These guys had no hard hats on, no safety vest on, no safety
    glasses.Their lucky OSHA never popped up on their work site.If osha did see
    this they would have shut the project down.So no one wants to put down guys
    working unsafe for the whole world to see?

  12. Hugh Mungess
    Hugh Mungess says:

    If that guy came into my construction site and my boss didn’t tell me there
    would be some jackass asking the most retarded questions i’d fucking leave.
    Or make it so the parts with me in it aren’t usable because of the the “Are
    you fucking kidding me, yeah no shit” parts

  13. Boo luquette
    Boo luquette says:

    I think it’s a waste of time and effort also money. Hurricane Rita made
    land fall in southwest Louisiana just after Katrina made land fall around
    Waveland Miss. Towns like Cameron and Grand Chenier, Intracoastal City had
    30 ft tidal surges and towns 180 miles to the East were inundated with 20
    ft. surges.

    1 two mile or 20 mile barrier is not gonna help the NO area. There is too
    much marsh around that area plus the all the lakes around there. Lafitte is
    right below NOLA and there is nothing below there to stop surges. Barataria
    bay and Chandeleur sound will send all that water there ~!~!

  14. NewShockerGuy
    NewShockerGuy says:

    LOL, lets build a wall to stop nature… OR, lets not live in a place that
    is going to get fucking washed away/destroyed AGAIN, eventually, because it
    will…Just like the idiots that build their homes RIGHT ON the beach then
    wonder why “God” took their home away from them as it gets destroyed.Sorry
    but common sense has to prevail in certain cases and this seems silly and a
    huge waste of resources.

  15. Timmay14a
    Timmay14a says:

    Hundreds of Irish immigrants died filling them swamps in New Orleans, no
    monuments, no plaques, no fucks are given about them, people try to say
    slaves built the south, but they were worth to much to risk in such
    backbreaking breaking, deadly labor that filling mosquito infested swamps
    that was filled with your malaria, yellow fever, etc back then, all pretty
    much a death sentence back then, a Irish laborer dies, the next boat
    docking had ten to replace him


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