8-13-16 Denham Springs, LA Extreme Flooding! Chopper Footage

8-13-16 Denham Springs, LA Extreme Flooding! Chopper Footage
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Extreme flooding is taking place over a large area of Louisiana. Entire neighborhoods and towns are under water. Roads are impassible, people are trapped in their homes. water rescues are being made to those who cannot escape. Chopper footage from Brandon Clement truly shows how extensive and extreme the flooding is.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”WVWBDZOY5j4″ title=”8-13-16 Denham Springs, LA Extreme Flooding! Chopper Footage” upload_time=”2016-08-14T10:00:29.000Z” description=”***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license. [email protected] Extreme flooding is taking place over a large area of” duration=”PT12M24S”]

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  1. Misty “freethinker411” godless
    Misty “freethinker411” godless says:

    Yeah exactly, it’s brainwashed childish fairytales that’s is ripping this
    world apart. preaches hate, dogma, threats with this so called hell,
    control how ppl lice their lives and just to show how sickening religion
    is, look at how many are blaming this flood on what happened in BR, look at
    how many is saying this is god punishing ppl. that’s fucked up. RELIGION
    POISONS EVERYTHING GOOD. Religion prevents ppl from thinking freely for
    themselves and over half I run into doesn’t even know their own bible they
    worship. Example : it’s an abomination to be gay, let’s hit the courts and
    fight to prevent same sex couples from love and marriage because a barbaric
    book says so, however in the same books in the bible Lev. & Deu. it’s
    mentions shellfish such as shrimp 6 more times than homosexuality to be an
    abomination, yet no one is protesting or changing laws on that shit, lev.
    no tattos, it’s an abomination, yet no one is closing tattoo shops. it’s
    the hypocritical bullshit in religion that I do not like, it’s the 5000
    child/teen suicides each year due to bullying or being shunned by their own
    families for religious reasons when their child comes out as gay. it’s the
    cherry picking, I can do this, but you can’t do that. Organized religion is
    nothing but a bunch of free loading hate groups preaching hate tax free
    costing this country 64 billion a year, why should they be tax free, have
    mansions and nice cars all the while our streets are filled with homeless &
    Hungry ppl including kids, they preach against abortions and womans rights,
    yet we’ve now caught up with a few 3rd. world countries with over 1.5
    million unwanted kids waiting for a home and family. people are so
    brainwashed they don’t see the scam in religion. we targeted other
    religions, yet reality is if you were born in a different place, different
    times and have your family indoctrinate you into their religion, guess
    what? that would be your religion. we target Muslim women for the way they
    dress, yet look at our nuns. Muslim women should have a right to dress and
    cover whatever they want without Christianity pushed on them. Christians
    threaten people with hell for the least little thing. I don’t believe in
    hell, but those who do and threaten someone with eternal torture for simply
    loving the same sex or believing in something different than them are
    freaking psycho paths I do not wish to be around, it’s cruel and hateful.
    so you bet your ass I will call out a cherry picking hypocrite that I have
    to share a country with. READ YOUR BIBLES PEOPLES, there’s nothing loving
    about it, it’s man made bullshit, that’s been edited and re written over 8
    thousand times. there are only a few shreds of original scriptures that
    nothing can be made out of, the Catholic church wrote all the Bullshit and
    used to burn ppl in the streets if they tried to read the bible in their
    own language, because ppl would figure out its their bullshit that their
    literally Selling
    religion is nothing but a business, get rich off others stupidity and
    ignorance. I believe preacher who tell ppl DO NOT QUESTION should be a red
    flag, do not look elsewhere is a red flag. religion needs to end and
    definitely stay out of our political BS, We have separation of church and
    state for a reason. they want in, pay some taxes and help this country
    instead of bleeding it dry.

  2. gone fishin
    gone fishin says:

    Well, from the comments below I see the crazies are doing their thing. Does
    anyone think about the victims here? These are real people who have lost

  3. corpus callosum
    corpus callosum says:

    Compassion to the victims are needed. Donate, donate, donate, time, money,
    kind words. Please be psychologically ready too. The stress and tedious
    rebuilding ahead can ruin a lot of families and relationship. Just
    remember, every dark cloud has a silver lining. I learnt a lot from my
    suffering with my Sandy destroyed homes, that there were so much caring,
    love, sympathy and help from all over the country. God Bless!

  4. Catholic Digital Studio
    Catholic Digital Studio says:

    The 400 million ransom Obama gave to Iran should have been allocated for
    our own people, for events such as this! Where is he, anyway? I heard he’s
    golfing in Martha’s Vineyard today.

  5. WatchmanOn TheWall
    WatchmanOn TheWall says:

    Not even the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy could pry
    President Obama away from the golf course Wednesday. With 11 people dead
    and 40,000 homes damaged by floods in Louisiana, Mr. Obama did speak with
    Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate Wednesday
    from his vacation spot in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

  6. Philippe Bissonnette
    Philippe Bissonnette says:

    how the hell do you get the hell out of there wheres the help where are the
    national guard .. where is everyone .. people in the US you really need to
    change your govt because if you don’t you are all fucked … they will turn
    your country into a squallers hell hole .. its halfway there now … wake
    up man this was done on purpose make no mistake about it .. this was man
    made ..

  7. Amy Andersen (Ocdesignzz)
    Amy Andersen (Ocdesignzz) says:

    Omg! This is so heartbreaking! These people need help!
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️ stay strong!

  8. lakecrab
    lakecrab says:

    From this we can tell what had better be rebuilt HIGHER in Denham Springs,
    Forget about that 500 and 1000 year thing, that was for a more quiescent
    climatic period that seems to have ended.
    It looks like some folks did spend some extra money on land filling and
    saved themselves a world of hurt.

  9. Joshua Dobby
    Joshua Dobby says:

    Clark Griswald
    Most of those places like your area get hit by freak accident storms. Also,
    it sounds like you chose your property wisely. Comparing your above sea
    level average to Florida isn’t a point in your court especially when you
    occupy swamp land. My comment is directed toward areas that flood with the
    slightest downpour. There is a reason why flood insurance isn’t offered
    there. Those companies aren’t stupid and know they will lose billions
    because the frequency of flooding. So to say your single home didn’t flood
    implies flooding isn’t common when everyone knows it is. Your being
    disingenuous when you compare likely to never flood states like New Jersey
    to Louisiana. So all those pretty numbers sound good, but your off topic
    bringing up the mid west and tornados.

  10. Joshua Dobby
    Joshua Dobby says:

    Oh yeah heads up Griswald here comes another “freak accident” storm that
    will more than likely flood you guys out. SMH and you still occupy this
    space…lol…thats sad laughter. I don’t think it’s funny at all.


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