Rapper’s Tasteless Louisiana Flood Joke (TMZ Live)

Rapper’s Tasteless Louisiana Flood Joke (TMZ Live)
Rapper Kevin Gates invoked a biblical myth for Louisiana residents suffering from actual tragedy.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”4dYDYEQW9PU” title=”Rapper’s Tasteless Louisiana Flood Joke (TMZ Live)” upload_time=”2016-09-02T22:00:01.000Z” description=”Rapper Kevin Gates invoked a biblical myth for Louisiana residents suffering from actual tragedy.” duration=”PT2M7S”]

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  1. NO NAME
    NO NAME says:

    Raise funds so white people can build bars ?
    Or so the funds can disappear like Haiti?

    Nigga Kevin gates can’t tap into the resources of the president or governor
    Tf yall think this nigga got speedboats and planes to pick up people to
    stay in his entire city ?!?! lol

    The fuck, America? Getcho politics in order but when u got 9% trust in
    congress u pathetic fucks look for leadership anywhere LOL

    The world laughs

  2. Bryant Ferguson
    Bryant Ferguson says:

    kmsl y’all baited that nigga they was already laughing before they asked
    him, so they knew he was gonna say something to be funny

  3. devin williams
    devin williams says:

    Man this the shit I fuckin hate, TMZ tryin to make that man seem like he
    dnt care bout LA, Nigga he from there, so Fuck wat TMZ talkin bout, I down
    wit Gates.

  4. RestingBitchFace
    RestingBitchFace says:

    it’s called a joke. he’s a celebrity and what he says matters idiots. he
    was asked how he felt Obama handled it not how he felt about the flood.
    sheesh . always victimizing smh….

  5. CaRLoS MTY
    CaRLoS MTY says:

    Why Raquel she always try to stick up to the hip hop Artis if Kevin gates
    it’s wrong by saying this just admit it just saying

  6. A Santi
    A Santi says:

    People need to understand he sees it from a different point of view, he’s
    not there. Still no excuse but I wouldn’t be too hard, it’s just ignorance.
    Would he be cracking jokes if there was a massive earth quake by him and he
    was able to see the devastating disaster around him.

    Plus the more and more we hear about climate change related disasters, the
    more numb we become to it. I grew in world where terrorism is common place
    in the news. Not as shocking to me as an individual who grew up in a
    different time in the world.

  7. nitrousking23
    nitrousking23 says:

    Tmz stupid ask a dumb question an get a dumb answer!!!! Yall came at this
    man who you know going to make light out a situation an yall try to be
    negative 😂😂😂Tmz falling apart

  8. Ladarian Jones
    Ladarian Jones says:

    I mean he did Donate 10 million dollars toward the flood in Louisiana, And
    said he is willing to donate 100k towards rebuilding schools and things of
    that nature so how about the gossip channels pick up on that instead of
    looking at the negative. And if you dont believe he made these donations he
    posted all of this information on his instagram weeks ago. I guarantee if
    somebody like beyonce would have said the same thing nobody would have been

  9. october nights
    october nights says:

    Every speaking in this video is a goddamn dumbass. He made a funny ass
    joke. I DIED laughing the first time I seen it. He don’t want no damn news
    bitch. Shut the fuck up, all of you.


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