Louisiana Man Made Flood And Zika

Louisiana Man Made Flood And Zika
Something is clearly up here and it’s far from normal

Video Trump brings help to Victims where was Hillary?
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”IGrV_FZ9F7c” title=”Louisiana Man Made Flood And Zika” upload_time=”2016-08-13T17:09:00.000Z” description=”Something is clearly up here and it’s far from normal Video Trump brings help to Victims where was Hillary? ” duration=”PT6M44S”]

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  1. P Des13
    P Des13 says:

    It the UN’s agenda 21 wet land project , thy use chem trails and h.a.a.r.p
    this is done deliberate . They plan to trans form America forever.

  2. P Des13
    P Des13 says:

    One more added thing don’t trust in your government they’ll lie to you.The
    bible says trust no man even Trump.

  3. batonrouge5150
    batonrouge5150 says:

    it’s most definitely man made…either intentionally…or as a result of
    chem trails…Harrp…chem plants and power plants cooling towers..ect….

  4. Carrie Wagers
    Carrie Wagers says:

    it was man made and we’re going to see so much more of this and not only in
    Louisiana it’s happening and going to happen all over and not just floods

  5. Return of Zeus
    Return of Zeus says:

    Don Stefano Massimo, Don Prospero Colonna di Paliano, Don Alessandro
    Torlonia, Don Marcantonio Colonna, Don Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio, Sigieri
    Diaz Della Vittoria Pallavicini, Prince Camillo Aldobrandini, Prince Julian
    de Medici, Prince Mario Chigi, Prince Vittorio Emanuele Prince of Naples,
    King Juan Carlos, Prince Carlo Odescalchi, Prince Domenico Napoleone
    Orsini, Don Ferdinando Gaetani Dell’Aquilla D’Aragona, Silvio Berlusconi,
    Jonathan Doria Pamphilj, Prince Pedro Duke of Calabria, Prince Carlo Duke
    of Castro, along with Spanish nobility and many more are members of the
    Satanic Latin Mafia. These devils need to be named. Don Stefano Massimo and
    Pope Joseph Ratzinger are at the head.

    Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Andrew
    Duke of York, Archduke Sigismund, Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Evelyn de
    Rothschild, Baron David Rene James de Rothschild, Zac Goldsmith, King
    Philippe of Belgium, King Harald V of Norway, King Willem-Alexander of the
    Netherlands, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma,
    Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Heinrich Prince of Furstenberg,
    Duarte Pio Duke of Braganza, Charles Prince Napoleon, Jean-Christophe
    Prince Napoleon, Prince Albert of Thurn and Taxis, Christoph Prince of
    Schleswig-Holstein, Prince Georg Friedrich, Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg,
    Karl von Habsburg, James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Abercorn, Peter Carington,
    6th Baron Carrington, King Salman of Saudi Arabia and King Abdullah II of
    Jordan are also directly involved in the global crime syndicate

  6. JonRut101
    JonRut101 says:

    this dumb fuck is not a weather man he has no fucking idea what the hell he
    is saying……METH is one hell of a drug and here is the best
    example…..Ladies and Gentleman I give you RealNewOrleans

  7. Lucy Armand
    Lucy Armand says:

    The mayor of Walker in Louisiana is suing the federal government because of
    the faulty infrastructure that he believes was responsible for flooding
    their town.

  8. Jolene Cole
    Jolene Cole says:

    The Ocala National Forest also has a bowl over it been that way for few
    years now where areas will get massive rain an some none at all can’t
    explain it except saying there’s not a lot of concrete here but lots an
    lots of trees an forest. No one will ever know how nature is going to work
    out but it does.Maybe it’s just nature’s way of warning people to move out
    of areas this is recurring at.Maybe it’s a warning,Like tornado alley why
    keep rebuilding if you just keep suffering.Things are happening
    everywhere.I do get your point on things being in ordinary an yea there are
    things happening that we the people of this nation are left in the dark
    about.One thing is sure an that’s we all need one another an stop the
    bickering cuz there’s already enough hate an bad things why fight amongst
    each other.Anyway if things don’t change in us it will get worse before it
    gets better all the way around.

  9. Earl Guyton
    Earl Guyton says:

    UPDATE I have at least 4 other long comments in this section, but this
    update is something I have noticed right here in Houston Texas. While this
    mess has been going on in louisiana new orleans coast, it is mriaculous of
    how Houston weather has gone back to being identical to how i remember it
    to be in the 70s and 80s.. Its because the authorities are using all of
    their technolgy to destroy houses and people in Orleans area to where they
    had to stop using the same methinds of contron on Hou Tx. In my other
    comments you can read in here of how they have been controlling weather
    here in Houston since around 1990. Being they are focusng ther weather
    control in Orleans area, other places are going back to as they were is
    what I am saying. This means they are using all of their available power on
    Orleans at this time. This at least lets us know how much damage they can
    cause at once

  10. t dog
    t dog says:

    type in weather wars and read that , it show how the weather can be
    controlled by the government ? I don’t know , just saying?

  11. kuubre gone
    kuubre gone says:

    you’re on to something, It is a strong case that public education is in
    serious decline and that you a a victim.

  12. Fox Atlas
    Fox Atlas says:

    Just before these storms hit there was alot of strange lightning and i
    filmed it.. there was this flash of lightning i never seen before simular
    to ball lightning but pink in color

  13. Sammy Meyers
    Sammy Meyers says:

    With all the rain the mosquitoes are so numerous and so large that in the
    early evening and night time you can hardly stand to be outside for long.


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