Where Are Black Lives Matter And The Black Panthers During The Baton Rouge Louisiana Flood Crisis?

Where Are Black Lives Matter And The Black Panthers During The Baton Rouge Louisiana Flood Crisis?
A black man in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area, where there are currently very serious flood, hurricane like conditions, posed a very simple, but often controversial question in a Facebook Live video. He basically asked … “where is Black Lives Matter and the Black Panther Party when we need them?” The man elaborated on his point by saying that those aforementioned groups had no problem showing up en masse, armed, ready to go to war with the police after the shooting of armed suspect Alton Sterling. But when thousands of black people need to be rescued from their homes, when they need food, clothing, and shelter, those groups are nowhere to be found. If black lives really matter, shouldn’t they matter all of the time?

That’s the trillion dollar question. And it’s a question more and more black folks are asking. It’s becoming quite clear that these groups aren’t really for the betterment of black America, or America in general. They are funded by George Soros and his ilk to essentially engage in social engineering on a deeper level than the participants of those groups really understand. The people involved with Black Lives (LIES) Matter, like the prominent face of the organization DeRay McKesson, may just be in it for a payday and to become famous. Not realizing that they are being used as a pawn in a bigger game. Either way you slice it, those people are not in it for the reasons that they purport themselves to be, which is for the overall betterment of black people.

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ORIGINAL VIDEO: Where’s the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter Organizations at now??? I haven’t seen not 1

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”PYiTma4r34Q” title=”Where Are Black Lives Matter And The Black Panthers During The Baton Rouge Louisiana Flood Crisis?” upload_time=”2016-08-16T20:39:44.000Z” description=”A black man in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area, where there are currently very serious flood, hurricane like conditions, posed a very simple, but often controversial” duration=”PT8M21S”]

27 replies
  1. Benjamin Booker
    Benjamin Booker says:

    Both of you people in this video are equally ignorant. Looking for another
    way for divisions and delegation. Where were the kkk boats because more
    whites lost their stuff than blacks. I was out there in a boat and I am
    black lives matter, Alton sterling aunt was out there and she is black
    lives matter along with many other blacks who are part of the movement.
    Ignorant people black lives matter is a movement not a group. Y’all should
    be part of the movement too coon ass clowns. One even has golds in his
    mouth I’ll knock them out because u are a fraud. I bet y’all didn’t have
    anynboats out there so unshould be quiet. Smh at the black on black hate.

  2. AsEyeAm63 Webb
    AsEyeAm63 Webb says:

    Keep depending on the same that create these disasters, BLM and BP are a
    bunch of homemade groups to incite the chaos and division, the only help
    that we all can depend on are ourselves…partner up as in the story of the
    Great Flood they loaded the ark two by two. Look if we practice the concept
    our survival is sure, remember where two or more are gathered God is surely
    in the mist.

  3. cleve bailey
    cleve bailey says:

    Mr. Logan, those groups and not set up for emergency rescue. That is not
    their purpose. They are political watch groups. Not search and rescue

  4. james heichel
    james heichel says:

    You’re joking right??? Who think the people in BLM and Black Panthers
    work!!! All they want is a fucking head out. Real people work and help each
    other, those fuckers are phone ass bitch.

  5. Stupid Man
    Stupid Man says:

    Negros are the first race put on earth.they were still are the beast of the
    field and were created to serve the adamite race of white men.

    The white race was forbidden to corrupt either gene pool laying with the

    But eve screwed one of the beast bringing fourth cain the first unclean
    human hybrid.

    The negros dont serve yahshuwah and the whites follow satan.

    Now everyone needs to be made dead because there are no pure blood gene


  6. Josh Mc
    Josh Mc says:

    Well at least barry didn’t make the same mistake bush made during katrina &
    he got there as soon as he could, oh wait, he stayed on vaction

  7. facgr8fu
    facgr8fu says:

    BLM Typical lazy trash! Any situation or physical labor it’s not going to
    happen!! Depleting their resources is out of the question.

  8. Jimmy T
    Jimmy T says:

    Zaviaen Dobson the young black football player who took a bullet and died
    to save others and received an ESPY award. Well, one of the suspects went
    to court today. No BLM support for the family or protests against gang
    violence. They didn’t show up.

  9. Simon Ross
    Simon Ross says:

    BLM is just an excuse do ram racism down white people’s throats,cause
    unrest,violence and complain and cry about inequality when it doesn’t exist
    and like the video shows when black people really need help where are BLM
    then?.What rights do white people have in the U.S.A or the UK that black
    people don’t have? NOTHING! that’s what.

  10. Butch Essex
    Butch Essex says:

    BLM, what does empowering gay, lesbians, and transgenders for leadership,
    providing a affirmative space for black women against sexism, misogyny, and
    male centeredness has anything to do with the killing of black men by cops?
    Why do refer a man as just a parent? You mentioned woman, children,
    transgenders affirmative, and queer affirmative, but never call a man a
    man, but just as a parent. Black men wake up. BLM are using the deaths of
    black men to push their feminist gay agenda…PERIOD!!

  11. Malcolm Dendtler
    Malcolm Dendtler says:

    Logan, you have some wires crossed in your brain. What kind of question is
    that? What a antagonistic an argumentative question . What an opportunist
    of a Natural disaster to demonize Black Lives Matters and the Black Panther
    Party all at one time, how pathetic. Well their probably caught in the
    flood like everybody else. is that okay…. Where’s the Federal government
    Where’s the National Guard. They have a hard enough time getting there
    themselves. And how do you know that nobody gave money… The fact that you
    mention the Black Panther Party shows how twisted you are. You trying to
    get Conservative brownie points cuz you’re trying to build your rat mouth
    platform. I am not a black life matters supporter but I see how low… your
    weak tactics are. You probably think you’re fair and balanced.

  12. evan noturbusiness
    evan noturbusiness says:

    saw this already just thot I’d comment that this is what all informed
    people already know… thanks for spreading this my American brother

  13. ripp846
    ripp846 says:

    In Chicago, the 3000th person was shot. Where are BLM? Blacks are
    slaughtering each other in Chiraq, and you don’t hear jack about that.

  14. LadyeCatte C.
    LadyeCatte C. says:

    Thank you, Mr. Logan, for saying what only white supremacist KKK-types have
    been saying about Black Lives Matter all along. Your dark skin gives them
    “legitimacy” (Viewing the comments supporting this, I guess they flocked to
    thank you, too!) What a perfect token!

    No doubt you’re a Trumphumper, too.

    If there’s such a thing as reincarnation, I’m sure you were one of those
    black people standing on the shoreline with several other black people
    behind him.. all tied together like cattle.. wating on the ship that will
    pay you and take them to their “new home”. Congrats on your soul never
    changing. Thirty pieces of silver, in any form, is still thirty pieces of
    silver, right?

  15. Steve Reed
    Steve Reed says:

    I understand your overview. You can equate the BLM to the black culture.
    Why does just the African Community struggle to fit into even their own


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