Trump Answers Louisiana’s Cry For Help

Trump Answers Louisiana’s Cry For Help
Say what you will about Donald Trumps words, what speaks louder are his actions! While Hillary Rests and Obama Vacations, Donald came to Louisiana to address the crisis and lend a hand. Not surprisingly, it appears Hillary Clinton is just a fair-weather friend to Americans. Pun intended 😉

Inside sources confirmed that Trump has offered to donate to the families affected by the flood that didn’t have flood insurance. Around 80% of the homes affected didn’t have flood insurance because the flood covered such a large area that wasn’t shore line and that had never flooded in the past. Here’s a video of Donald meeting with church leaders and volunteers discussing how most of these home owners will now have to rely on private donations from fellow Americans for help.

Trump Donates An 18-Wheeler Worth Of Supplies For Louisiana Flood Victims

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”RukQ3oewJAE” title=”Trump Answers Louisiana’s Cry For Help” upload_time=”2016-08-19T23:52:41.000Z” description=”Say what you will about Donald Trumps words, what speaks louder are his actions! While Hillary Rests and Obama Vacations, Donald came to Louisiana to address” duration=”PT6M51S”]

26 replies
  1. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    He handled that Play-doh like Ghandi! It was HUUUUUGE! Nothing helps
    victims of a disaster more than four or five boxes of clay. What a hero.

  2. Dark Swim
    Dark Swim says:

    When hurricane Katrina hit Obama blasted Bush for not going even though
    Bush wanted to but the Secret Service would not let him until the area
    could be secured and the chaos was under control. The situation was way to
    dangerous for a President to safely visit. Now people are blasting Obama
    for not going but I’m sure the Secret Service told him “not a chance” as
    well. Trump was allowed to go because he is not yet the president and the
    Secret Service has different criteria for that. The news and the media will
    never tell you that truth they will only report on the sensationalism of
    the situation. Fucking lying media!!

  3. Simply Sofi
    Simply Sofi says:

    Say what you will Millie. I live in Louisiana and I know about Trumps
    visit, which was a slap in the face. Not only did he spend about 30 seconds
    handing out play doh (I guess he thought that play-doh is an essential item
    in every survival tool kit), he donated $100k to a church run by
    conservative christian menace that claims that natural disasters are God’s
    way of punishing gay people. NOTE: his home and church got destroyed by the
    Trump didn’t do “jack” for us in the flood except take up vital resources,
    get in the way, and defy our Governor’s request for him to stay out, of
    which President Obama honored and came when the Governor gave the OK.

  4. Faithful Discerner
    Faithful Discerner says:

    Praise God !! Mr. Trump may just be storing up his rewards in Heaven for
    how he truly cares for people. This is what we need to do. Love one
    another, and be kind and stand up and fight for God !! AMEN

  5. Patrick Dimeo-Edwards
    Patrick Dimeo-Edwards says:

    Who the hell is this bimbo? She couldn’t even pronounce Louisiana properly
    at the end; she said “Loiusia” lol, and all I ever hear from both right and
    left is “the establishment” and how Trump or Sanders or Clinton are going
    to make a difference. If you want a real solution to America’s problems
    join our party the American Blackshirts


    trump is donating now because he wants to people vote him, fuck you let’s
    see after 2 years after he becomes a president he will give a shit to you

  7. runner6500
    runner6500 says:

    I love Millies” interview style. She asks, “What do you think
    about……?”, then smacks you in the face with facts if you answer wrong.

  8. me mo
    me mo says:

    Make America great again! Everyone knows Hilary is corrupt, and represents
    the corruption within our government. This election is the pivotal point,
    and has come down to, getting that corruption out of our government. Since
    this race is clearly, and backed with corroborating numbers, only between
    Hilary and Trump. If for whatever reason, we don’t like either of these two
    competing candidates, and as a result, divide our votes up between the
    other two remaining candidates on the ballot. We would without realizing
    it, essentially be voting in Hilary. As a people, we have to be wise to the
    tactics of divide and conquer, because we absolutely need to get the
    corruption out of our government, and stop letting special interest groups
    dictate the future of America, against the will of the majority. It’s up to
    The People of America, to cast their vote in a manner that will be of the
    most benefit, to The American People. Not voting Trump, is a vote for
    Hilary, and would be a vote to keep corruption within the establishment, of
    not just our government, but our great nation. We need positive change, and
    by simply casting your vote where it strategically counts, you can help
    make America great again!

  9. michael marrero
    michael marrero says:

    You know that when Katrina happened, senator Obama did deeply criticized
    bush for not acting promptly, now trump is doing the same thing today. If
    trump becomes president and there be another disaster next person will
    criticize him for not attending the matter and making the White House A
    whorehouse and a casino.


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