Manufactured Louisiana Flood 08-14-16

Manufactured Louisiana Flood 08-14-16
It’s irresponsible for governors and state officials who declare a #FLashFlood State of Emergency, not to understand how the devastating flood happened in the first place. Not when the facts, evidence, and “1,000 year” rain source are right here in front of them.

Every week a governor in this country (or somewhere in the world) has to face devastated constituents who have lost their home and life’s worth of belongings, every week the manufactured cause is exactly the same, and every week it is dismissed (misdirected) as “Mother Nature”… clearing the way for the same thing to happen next week without any culpability.

10,000 people are living in shelters because of this manufactured flood. The sheriff of Livingston Parish said 100,000 people have lost everything. How is it – at all possible, that the weekly devastation of Americans and American towns on this scale is not THE number one news story in this country?

Hopefully I’ve made it clear by now that I am not of the mind that local government officials have any more of a clue about this half-century reality that has been boiling the frog on this planet for the last half a century than anybody else does. At some point however, is it criminally negligent – not to seek knowledge of the source of inexplicable yet continuous “1,000 year” floods that materialize every week. Certainly, the “experts” aren’t offering any coherent explanation. Below is The Weather Channel’s explanation:

“Here is why the disastrous flooding occurred and four other things to know about the situation. Deep, tropical moisture in combination with low pressure near the earth’s surface and aloft were the main ingredients that fueled the serious flooding in Louisiana and adjacent parts of southwest Mississippi. On Friday morning, NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center said this when talking about the heavy rain event: “The best description of this system is that of an inland sheared tropical depression.””

That’s it. Not even a paragraph’s worth of explanation, and that is no explanation at all. Think I’m kidding? See for yourself.

Why the Louisiana Flood Happened, And 4 Other Things to Know

Does this “explain” where the trillions of gallons of water for two “1,000 year” floods in two weeks came from? No… of course it doesn’t. In contrast here I am illustrating point by point, with two days of satellite imagery showing the actual development of the storm, and showing the exact pinpoint locations of In-Place Water Vapor Generation.

So, once again. I’ve made this easy enough for a kindergartener to understand. This broad daylight reality – cannot be denied. The failure of local and state officials who have to deal with the aftermath of these events (not to mention “journalists”), to understand why they happened, is the reason it will happen to another community next week. We all still await a single government or law enforcement official with courage, common sense, eyes to see with, and real concern for the constituents he or she serves, to recognize what is right here – in front of them.

As always, I’m right here ready and waiting to back them up.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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  1. Betty Kuykendall
    Betty Kuykendall says:

    I live outside Roswell, New Mexico and it is raining now, fairly hard. I
    looked on the weather channel last night and NO RAIN was expected this week
    at all – today is 9/6/16. it was announced around 1:30 today that we had a
    60% chance of rain and flash flood warnings.
    When the people of Louisiana rebuild their homes, if they can, should build
    them on stilts. It’s not plausible I know, but damn….
    I have saved this video and will forward it to everyone I know.
    Thank You for the information, it explains a lot…

  2. iampan
    iampan says:

    so now you are trying to say that pure water emissions are bad too? really?
    omg we are putting water into the atmosphere, quick turn all the nasty
    pollution back on before we all die. I hate to tell you this but water
    evaporates whether you like it or not and this earth is covered with it so
    you better learn to live with it fast. you really think that one factory
    makes more vapor than the oceans? the earth is flat and the sun revolves
    around the earth too huh? I am all for making the earth a healthier place,
    but this is going way to far claiming water is now the enemy. we need water
    emissions or we have to go back to what it was 30 years ago with co2 and
    noxious chemicals coming from every factory in the world.

  3. rick Green
    rick Green says:

    it seems obvious that the flooding is occurring with the infusion of some
    large visible additions of vapor that are coordinated and controlled
    releases, and no doubt a planned event. They are also american utilities
    that are being used for this purpose. These utilities have been used for a
    calculated purpose and the source of the orders to release the moisture is
    a national and primarily a state issue. However the coordination of this
    release is a federal issue as it caused the death of another in another
    state. Is the government actively pursuing the cause of this flood as a
    criminal matter? The state of louisiana has enough information to
    investigate and definitely enough info to shut down the plant production of
    vapor, and revoking of the plants franchise owner to operate them within
    its borders as a public nuisance. Freezing the bank accounts of that
    cooperation and withholding all and any revenue until the source of the
    order to release the vapor is discovered. The purpose of each of these
    plants seems to be beyond the normal plant structure there fore I conclude
    that the vapor release and facility are purpose built for this exact
    reason. If the reason is not for generating a profit as a utility then what
    is it for? Who paid for the building of the facility and who approved the

  4. Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor says:

    Why do I have to keep expanding to read comments? Your settings or
    YouTubes? I share a lot of videos on fb but most do not transfer and some
    that do the link becomes lost but I keep trying.

  5. Michael Loud
    Michael Loud says:

    Son of a bitch! I thought all along that all these floods were superficial!
    This proves it and shows how too. Un-freaking-real…

  6. Centerwinger
    Centerwinger says:

    Nice to see the views at over 100K.

    Get yourself a satellite water vapor site with a time loop function.
    Also, get one of the nexrads. Same time loop function. When you
    watch the nexrads, slow them way down. You’ll see the pulses
    and the focused beams. Slow the wv loops down, too. That shows
    the source of the ‘clouds’ and moisture.

    Watch these sites closely and you’ll see the same patterns over
    and over.

    The local weather weasels are predicting an 80% chance of water
    vapor generation on Thursday [my term, certainly not theirs] as a
    ‘cold front’ will be moving through [raising temperatures as it passes].

    I’ll be watching the wv and nexrad loops.

    Thank You, WW101.

  7. Faithful Servant
    Faithful Servant says:

    Wow! Record views! Why? I think it is because when the news hit, we all
    posted your link on every news video we could find. The power of sharing.
    We need to do this with all your videos that show devastating destruction
    that is man made. The majority of these people think God did this to them,
    when in reality, it was wicked, selfish man wanting to prosper from this
    massive destruction. They get their monies and people turn away from God.
    It’s a win/win for the wicked. Makes me sick! It’s all coming to light,
    just as God says in his word. The wicked are being revealed day by day.
    People are becoming painfully aware. Amen!

  8. Brent Grover
    Brent Grover says:

    I work at the Dow/BASF facility here in Freeport Texas, though I’m an
    electrician contractor. Crews speak of what we call “the Dow Dome”, which
    seemingly splits storms in half over the facility as they roll in from the
    gulf. I’ve seen this for myself over the last 10 years. I often wondered
    what kind of impact these facilities had on weather on a larger scale.
    Fantastic work here and thank you.


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