Louisiana Struck With RECORD Flooding

Louisiana Struck With RECORD Flooding
President Obama has declared a state of emergency, as record flooding hits Louisiana. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Torrential rains eased Monday in flood-ravaged Louisiana, but forecasters that warned the threat was far from over.

Louisiana has been deluged by rainfall since last week, with at least seven people dead and thousands of homes damaged by floods. Gov. John Bel Edwards said officials “won’t know the death toll for sure for several more days.”

One of the dead was an elderly woman in the town of Hinesville, whom authorities hailed as a hero for saving the toddler who was in the car she was driving.

Rapides Parish sheriff’s officials told NBC station KALB of Alexandria that the woman, whose name hasn’t been released pending notification of her relatives, lost control of her car, which was swept off the road.”

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hvIv-dxB7ZE” title=”Louisiana Struck With RECORD Flooding” upload_time=”2016-08-16T00:30:01.000Z” description=”President Obama has declared a state of emergency, as record flooding hits Louisiana. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you” duration=”PT3M30S”]

22 replies
  1. Barry Obama
    Barry Obama says:

    Where is Obama? Oh that’s right, he’s golfing.
    He’s too busy golfing to be bothered to help the people of Louisiana! Obama
    is a piece of shit.

  2. Eli
    Eli says:

    Where is the Black man playing golf, Bush flew over Katrina and the Media
    killed him for not visiting the site now the Monkey in Chief is playing
    gold never even came to assess the damage yet not a word from anyone, you
    mother fucken hypocrites.

    Trump 2016

  3. Dwayne Hewitt
    Dwayne Hewitt says:

    I was constantly concerned about the lack of news coverage on this flood.
    Thank you so much for reporting this when you did…and for even caring.

  4. TwiceTheAsians
    TwiceTheAsians says:

    You know who is actually helping out, donating food and blankets and
    unboxing rations? Donald J Tump where is Hillary? Sleeping. Where is Obama?
    Playing golf on Martha’s vineyard

  5. sonic jet
    sonic jet says:

    Why doesnt The Young Turks criticize president Obama for his very slow
    response to this flooding?? Why does the news media only attack Donald
    Trump for making an honest effort to visit the victims and help them with
    donations and stuff?? Such a double standard

  6. JDM _91
    JDM _91 says:

    Yeah. And your DIPSHIT LIBERAL PRESIDENT was out golfing. 300th or 400th
    round of golf? I forgot. 8 years and this moron has been the biggest
    disaster to happen to the US.

  7. gagaplex LPs
    gagaplex LPs says:

    This may seem like an odd detail, but… lots of lamps still going in the
    video. I’m a bit weirded out by the idea that they didn’t cut the power

  8. DorthynToto NotnKansas
    DorthynToto NotnKansas says:

    Well the damn the government built to drown us didn’t help. And the
    manufactured rainfall of the “unnamed” system could have had something to
    do with the intentional assassination by our government of the Louisiana
    residents…goes back to 1927. Talk to locals about what the our government
    is doing and has not done….call the Mayor of Walker in Livingston
    Parish….he will tell you.. We live on the water, we all have boats, they
    didn’t drown enough by breaching the levee with Katrina so they built a
    bowl around us, told us stay off the roads….till we could not get out….
    There is so much to this you do not understand…. I have lived through all
    of the Hurricanes, and this unnamed system did this….if you believe that,
    then Hillary Clinton is innocent,!


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