Louisiana Flooding: Before And After – BBC News

Louisiana Flooding: Before And After – BBC News
Historic rains have led to widespread flooding in Louisiana. Satellite photography of before and after the flooding shows the extent of the disaster.
Video by Anna Bressanin

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hIUB4sqId4o” title=”Louisiana Flooding: Before And After – BBC News” upload_time=”2016-08-19T10:59:33.000Z” description=”Historic rains have led to widespread flooding in Louisiana. Satellite photography of before and after the flooding shows the extent of the disaster. Video” duration=”PT54S”]

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  1. Murry Smith
    Murry Smith says:

    I cant count the number of natural disasters America has has since 2001 in
    that time the oppression against Muslims has been non stop . Lousiana looks
    like iraq and syria a right shithole 😂

  2. Eric Lane
    Eric Lane says:

    Anyone else noticed the weirdness? A few weeks ago alton sterling was
    murdered by cops and a day later philando castile was killed by another
    cop. A nationwide debate sparked and lots of controversy, protests and more
    death ensued. Even celebrities voiced their thoughts. Now a few weeks
    later, louisiana, the place where the debate started, is hit by a flood
    thats never before been recorded. My thoughts is that its too coincidental.
    I remember watching a video about this organization called HARP is able to
    control weather (go youtube it). So uhhh conspiracy much?

  3. Minniekat3
    Minniekat3 says:

    In other videos I’ve seen, it shows coffins floating along. All I kept
    thinking was : ‘The dead shall rise’. I feel so sad for these people.

  4. ozsem
    ozsem says:

    HEY BBC!!! Any word on Obama and Hillary?!?!?! Trump was the only one there
    to support them. Truth hurts doesn’t it?

  5. Media Arts
    Media Arts says:

    Donald Trump on the Ground with the Flooding Victims……..Obama Playing
    Golf……….*Crooked* Hillary, Sleeping

  6. Deleted Account
    Deleted Account says:

    Not trying to start a war on politics but trump is helping people in
    Louisiana while Hillary and Obama are doing nothing

  7. Moggie Mum
    Moggie Mum says:

    politicians were asked not to go there so as not to waste precious services
    protecting them. the reason you only see trump is because he’s the only one
    ignoring that request for photo ops.

  8. janetwon
    janetwon says:

    the Libtards wanted to string Bush up to a tree for not doing enough after
    Katrina.Their closet muslin does nothing now ,and the little que_rs say
    nothing !!!

  9. cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 says:

    This is why America must invest in infrastructure! Create jobs and build a
    better safer world! A simple underground flooding system could have
    prevented much and more!

  10. YukitoOnline
    YukitoOnline says:

    Go the Philippines and see the Rural Areas every Typhoon season…Floods
    like this is a normal occurrence and yet barely any media coverage from the
    Western Media.. I wonder why~


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