Bill Nye Calls Out CNN For Failing On Climate Change

Bill Nye Calls Out CNN For Failing On Climate Change
Bill Nye appeared on CNN Tuesday morning to discuss the historic flooding in Louisiana, but before he left, he took a jab at CNN’s climate change-denying weather correspondent Chad Myers…

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”fzr6sPQvqFs” title=”Bill Nye Calls Out CNN For Failing On Climate Change” upload_time=”2016-08-24T22:47:12.000Z” description=”Bill Nye appeared on CNN Tuesday morning to discuss the historic flooding in Louisiana, but before he left, he took a jab at CNN’s climate change-denying” duration=”PT7M”]

13 replies
  1. Visfor Vegan
    Visfor Vegan says:

    One correction Kyle. The Democrats and Republicons are not the two sides of
    the story. There’s the Republicon side, there’s the Republicon lite side
    (Dems), and then there’s the truth like Bill Nye.

  2. Naked Environmentalist
    Naked Environmentalist says:

    Renewables will not save us without Degrowth. This whole system must
    change. This is the only choice left.

  3. Teresa Weaver
    Teresa Weaver says:

    I didn’t realize it could happen that fast either, getting off the oil. I
    love Bill Nye. He’s my “science guy”. I like that dude from the FB page “I
    Fucking Love Science”. He’s pretty awesome too.

  4. Global Warming Skeptic
    Global Warming Skeptic says:

    Climate change is a tax scam, nothing more. Natural disasters have always
    happened, and there’s no evidence that they’re more frequent now than at
    any point in the past.

  5. Lynnette Alexander
    Lynnette Alexander says:

    It is really frustrating that people do not know that we could have changed
    over to free renewable non-toxic energy and YOU (reporter) JUST FOUND
    OUT???? WTF? I wish they would get rid of warning labels on electronics,
    etc. maybe we could have a few less ignorant people to argue and fight with
    so we can have a beautiful and healthy world.

  6. EddieVBlueIsland
    EddieVBlueIsland says:

    If solar and wind could do it WE would use it but without suffering another
    10 years of negative economic growth – we cannot pay for it.

  7. Phobic
    Phobic says:

    I don’t see a difference between climate skeptics, and skeptics of
    cigarettes causing cancer. The big oil companies try to create fake science
    to make it appear that scientists are unsure about the causes of climate
    change, just like what the tobacco companies did when they didn’t want
    people to know the truth about tobacco. Scientists understand that we are
    the main cause of climate change, there is no debate in climatological
    circles, or conferences anymore. We need solutions, not debates

  8. kinpatu
    kinpatu says:

    Remember when Bill Nye was on CNN to discuss an asteroid flyby, and was
    asked if all the asteroids were falling on Earth due to global warming?

  9. TheMorgalion
    TheMorgalion says:

    At last, I heard the perfect word from you; Scare tactics are what DUTERTE
    is precisely doing to solve the problem of illegal drugs in the
    Philippines. He did it before in Davao City, which is very successful, then
    the Majority of the Filipinos saw it – that is why He (Duterte) won the
    election via Landslide. The 2,000 drug pushers/users killed in the
    operation are not clearly a victim of Extra Judicial Killing. Even this Law
    itself not applied to those common criminals. Beside local(PH) Media are
    interested only in the killings (Bad News is always the Good News for
    them), and they love it to sell the News and of course for the ratings.
    They were not even highlighted the hundred of thousand drugs addicts who
    turned themselves to the authority. Scare Tactics is working!

    *PS: Sorry, I post this matter in the wrong a topic. :D


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