Louisiana Flood Of 2016: Watch Aerial Video Of Flooding In Baton Rouge Woodlawn Area

Louisiana Flood Of 2016: Watch Aerial Video Of Flooding In Baton Rouge Woodlawn Area
Drone footage from Atmosphere Aerial captured flooding Monday (Aug. 15) near Tiger Bend and Jones Creek roads in Baton Rouge's Woodlawn area.

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  1. Nola Ford
    Nola Ford says:

    So sad to see this devastation. Thank you to the Drone operator for the
    video that shows the real story. Please do this for us weekly if you can.

  2. Ariel D
    Ariel D says:

    People need to wake up and realize this was NOT CAUSED BY NATURE!! It is
    part of a plan and practice of weather engineering and weaponilzed weather
    that is being used in practice against US citizens. It’s also tied to the
    massive levels of ariel chemtrail spraying going on all across the countryl
    People need to watch their skys and to wake up. In 2004, 500 tanker planes
    were ordered by the Bush admin. Obama received those planes and is using
    them to spray deadly chemicals on the masses. Obama is a puppet of the same
    banksters as Bush and Clinton. So are those in Congress and the Senate who
    supported TPP (the last trade deal that would have fully destroyed the
    soverighty of this country through massive levels of debt that could never
    be repaid). The one difference between Bush and Obama is that Obama hates
    most Americans; especially whites. It’s a side effect of the being a gay
    black man who did not fit in most of his life. His spraying campaign
    creates sickness and death, with an effect that is to cause drought in some
    locations while flooding others. Spraying creates large clouds with loads
    of particles which can hold tons of water in the sky; and which can then be
    triggered to be dumped whereever Obama wants. Now its Baton Rouge. Earlier
    this summer it was West Virginia. Last year Texas, South Carolina,
    Missouri. Thank Obama when your area is damaged by flooding, tornados,
    hurricanes etc. His administration will tell you its from global warming.
    Then what is the spraying for? Experts have found that there are over 80
    weather control projects authorized. Meanwhile, the media is banned form
    speaking of it. This is a new form of war aimed to keep those in power who
    wish to remain in control. That is, they seek to keep the masses poor, sick
    and weak so they cannot overthrow those in control. If you want more of the
    same – then elect Clinton. My guess is that many stupid people,. unable to
    think for themselves, will do exactly that.

  3. somarpr
    somarpr says:

    Then there is not climate change nor warming. The hottest JUNE ever
    recorder was the 2016. Then you cannot relate it to climate change. Well
    more natural stuff like these are going to continue or start in places that
    have never had it before.

  4. Murry Smith
    Murry Smith says:

    Allah akbar America has been punished again will never learn only the hard
    messy way now louisana looks just like syria and iraq a right shithole 😂

  5. Ol' Nanny Granny
    Ol' Nanny Granny says:

    Yall might as well move inland n let the oil wells come in. I dn’t think
    this will stop until yall give it up n let em have it. U see how many oil
    wells went up after Katrina. I wouldn’t live in a coastline town if they
    gave me a house FREE.


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