8-13-16 Greenwell Springs – Central, LA Extreme Flooding Chopper Footage

8-13-16 Greenwell Springs – Central, LA Extreme Flooding Chopper Footage
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More incredible aerial flooding video coming out of Louisiana. Catastrophic situation down there! The flood waters have pretty much consumed everything for miles. Homes, vehicles and more under water.

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  1. MARGO F
    MARGO F says:

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    it now Jimmy Swaggart..Pastor “SHOOT TO KILL”..Toda Robah They will ALL GET
    WHAT THEY GOT COMING TO THEM! Thank you Abba Father!We pray for the
    destruction of Our enemies…Awaken Israelites…Operation WAKE THE HELL UP
    JACOB!He will repay!@

  2. Dolly Mama
    Dolly Mama says:

    Dear Lord, the nightly news does not give an accurate discription of how
    bad this is. where the heck is our President? this is a disaster, and
    people deserve help NOW! this is on the scale of Katrina.

  3. Deana Aymond
    Deana Aymond says:

    Gabe,I live in Eunice Louisiana. The police went door to door and told to
    get out. I was lucky. The water was coming on my drive way but we made it.
    We already getting more rain today. Pray for us

  4. Patrick Beadle
    Patrick Beadle says:

    The owners of the houses at 1:30 must be relatively pleased that most if
    not all of their belongings remained intact. It’s be pretty bittersweet to
    see someone swimming in one of the pools.

  5. Tony Tune
    Tony Tune says:

    Feel bad for the people . Bet almost nobody has flood insurance. Republican
    Jindal left the state drowning (no pun intended)in debt by cutting taxes on
    the fat cats. Where will the state get the money to help her own people?
    Republicans do not think about crap like this. All you people down there
    who benefited from those huge tax cuts, better chip in some of that money
    you saved to help out. After all , those republicans you keep putting in
    office would call it communism if you expect to use other people’s
    resources to assist you.

  6. john smith
    john smith says:

    we all need to file a lawsuit against the government this was a man made
    storm its called geoengineering they have been spraying chemicals in our
    sky then they hit the atmosphere with micro waves to heat it and the
    chemicals react by sucking up all the moisture then dumping it as long as
    they spry and micro wave the cycle continues this is how they create floods

  7. ‫מוטי אוחיון‬‎
    ‫מוטי אוחיון‬‎ says:

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